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Lovell B. Ramsay
Founder Licensed Real Estate Boker

Tel: 718-717-1076

Media Relations

Tel: 718-717-1076

Rachel Lazar

Creative Real Estate Pros is a premier career support platform, offering a simple and direct way for you to obtain a real estate license by passing your exam in the entertainment capital in the world NYC! Thousands of motivated, creative and driven people have chosen to make the move to a career in real estate to make extra money! They use that extra money to fuel their creative dreams.

Becoming a real estate salesperson part time or full time gives you the flexibility and earning power to have the life and schedule you’ve always dreamed of so you can focus on your passions.


You and your clients determine the schedule. Work when it’s convenient for you, freeing your day to pursue your dreams.


The more you work the more you make on a regular basis.


Reach your creative and financial goals with Real Estate


Learn something you never knew from a team member

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